Dorothea Sharma

Dorothea Sharma (シャルマ・ドロテア) is the dormmate of Ayame in France introduced in Chapter 1. A sweet 17 year old girl who's just a little shy, she wants to become a children's author and is currently pursuing writing despite some teachers making it difficult.
She has an older sister named Amour who is a famous fashion designer and model.

Shirogane Inazuma

Shirogane Inazuma (稲妻 白銀) is a supporting character introduced in Chapter 1. He is a 22 year old university student studying meteorology at the Katsuragi University of Science to become a weather reporter. Formerly in his high school days, he was the ace soccer player without a doubt, but had to suddenly give up his pursuit of sports after sustaining a critical leg injury that prevented him from playing at the same perfomance as he once did. Now, he wonders if having chosen science over sports was the correct choice in the end.

As revealed in Chapter 4, he is the human alias of the Sacred King's Armory Kenbumajin Arjuna, but still maintains a human alias to live a human life and get insider information.

Daigo Kazama (Mr. Kazama)

Daigo Kazama (風間 大悟) is a supporting character introduced in Chapter 2 of Beyond Light and Shadow. He's the 30 year old Home Economics teacher of Natsume and Saito's class, and according to him, was formerly a professional wrestler.

Saito Mitsue

Saito Mitsue (光永 彩斗) is a supporting human character introduced in Chapter 2 of Beyond Light and Shadow. An eccentric and flamboyant 15 year old boy, he is classmate of Natsume, and the one seated right next to her. In Chapter 4, it's revealed he was cursed by Gekidoman to be so shocked with fright he wasn't able to come to school one day (he's since now gotten better). He has a younger twin brother named Akira.

Akira Mitsue

Akira Mitsue (光永 昭) is a supporting character in Beyond Light and Shadow, first being introduced in Chapter 4. He is the younger twin brother of Saito, and goes to the same school as Touma (but the two haven't really spoken prior to Chapter 4). Unlike his elder twin brother, he is more shy and quiet, even a little haunting at times as he takes fortune telling as a hobby. In Chapter 4, he wishes to excorsize Gekidouman for making his brother so frightened.

  • Alongside Saito, he is Afro-Japanese.
  • His hoodie is a refrence to the version of Megaman seen in the Megaman Starforce series.

Katrina G. Dan (Ms. Dan)

Katrina G. Dan, or simply just Ms. Dan is a minor character in Beyond Light and Shadow. She is the story writing teacher of Dorothea, and has a seething hatred for any stories involving happy endings (or any positive outcome, really.)


Hebihime (蛇姫) is a character brifely mentioned in Chapter 5 when Fumika was recounting the incident that lead her and her fellow Watchers giving up just about everything to seal away the King of a Hundred Demons. She played a role in summoning the aformentioned king, but later eventually came to greatly regret her actions.

Akihiko Hisakawa

Akihiko Hisakawa (久川 明彦) is a 38 year old bartender that appears brifely in Chapter 6. According to him, Inaho is a frequent patron of his, but it's only recently that the two have started to talk more in depth.

King of a Hundred Demons

The King of a Hundred Demons (百鬼王) is a character mentioned brifely by a few characters starting in Chapter 5. He is the eldest brother of Goku Hyakki-hime, and is noted as a terrifying, powerful foe that "took everything to merely seal away". He is also considered the dark opposite of the Sacred King's Armroy Kenbumajin.