Beyond Light and Shadow

Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside: Beyond Light and Shadow, oftened shortened as Beyond Light and Shadow, is a fan fiction by Archive of Our Own user geminmyeyes (me!).

Taking 2 years after the events of the Shadowside anime, the Youkai Detective Agency find themselves reuniting when a boy with a watch grafted on his arm has overwhelmed an old friendenmy, and possesses some serious firepower to back him up.

Soon the stage is set with the Hundred Demon Army, lead by The Queen of A Hundred Demons, Goku Hyakki-Hime, and mentions of The Sacred King's Armory Kenbumajin. Both sides seem to be intertwined in answering the age-old question, how did the Enma Clan rise to rulership after the fall of the Oni Clan?

It can be read here, updates come out when they are ready.

Alongside the main story, there is a special chapter (ala a lot of the movies in the Yo-Kai Watch franchise), Blades of Camelot and the Savior Messiah, in the works.

Despite the external website, Beyond Light and Shadow is NOT an ARG (Alternate Reality Game). This primarily exists to function as a database of new characters in a sort of home cooked wiki style format without the social media functionality of sites like Toyhouse or ArtFight. Also this goes without saying, but I do not own the Yo-Kai Watch franchise nor am I affiliated with Level-5 or any related parties. I'm just some guy doing this for fun.

When I do get comments, I do like to answer questions and give bits of trivia about my choices and development with this fic (and thank the commenter, of course!). If you would like to ask questions the old fashioned way, I have a Tumblr for that (also posting art in a mostly full resolution).


Q: Why are all the voice claims for new characters in Japanese?

A: Because I use the original Japanese names for characters and locations as it makes sense for a series so heavily rooted in Japanese culture, I'd imagine the characters are all speaking in Japanese. So the same applies for any new characters I make as well, though that's just how the characters sound in my head. What you imagine can be very different.


  • Each of the chapter titles are named after songs by J-Rock Visual Kei band Janne Da Arc to give a distinct identity to the story as something a bit more grungier and harsher. Also because cringe is long dead. The tracks thus far as follows (complete with music links):
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    Characters in the Special Chapter

    Puss in Boots