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Solar Flare Kenbumajin (Karna)



Favorite Food
First Apperance
Chapter 1 - Red Moon (As "Solar Flare Kenbumajin")
Chapter 3 - Mr. Trouble Maker (As Karna)
Voice Claim

Tatsuhisa Suzuki

1, 2, 3

Blade Color

Solar Eclipse Black

"A burning hot Kenbumajin belonging to the Sacred King's Armory line of Kenbumajin, with not only a bow, but nearly indestructible golden armor. The only thing sharper than his arrows are the words from his mouth. Though, he is said to have a heart of gold deep down."

The Solar Flare Kenbumajin(太陽燃す剣武魔神), later revealed to be named Karna (カルナ), is a Fire Attribute Sacred King's Armoy Kenbumajin first appearing in Beyond Light and Shadow. Currently, his Youseiken, the Golden Sunlight Panoply, is in posession of Chiharu Shimamura.

Personality and Abilities

He's shown to be rather snarky and sarcastic, never hesitating to make a rude remark. He doesn't hesitate in calling the Youkai Detective Agency things like "brats" and "pipsqueaks", as well as boasting about his power. However, despite his rather sharp exterior, he shows to be genuinely caring for those close to him. Though of course, he isn't afraid to rat them out if they are crossing a line.

He has the ability to manifest an unlimited supply of arrows that can easily cause burns and fires if one isn't careful. But his ace in the hole and that makes him terrifying is the ability to sacrifice his defense by melting off his armor to enter Limitless Mode. Not only is his bow enhanced, but his arrows go from maybe being able to start a fire if it hits dry paper to being capable of creating explosions off of just about anything, even having the power to kill a Kebumajin as powerful as Fudou-Myoou Kai with just a few arrows. However, there is a significant cooldown period between uses, at least 10 weeks of cooldown is required before it can be used again.



Chiharu Shimamura

While he respects the kid as someone worthy of using his strength, he insists that Chiharu treat him more than a tool or a weapon, instead wanting them to be friends. Despite there being some rockiness with trying to open up, he shows a lot of care for Chiharu, a desire to not see a child suffer like he did.


Out of all of his younger brothers, he respects him the least. He never hesitates to throw insults towards him, ones that are far harsher in comparison to what he's said to the Yokai Detective Agencey.


Karna (कर्ण) is the name of a figure from the Hindu epic poem "The Mahabharata". Son of the Sun god Surya and mortal woman Kunti, he was sent afloat down a river after an incredibly difficult choice of his still teenage mother shortly after birth. Later raised by the charioteer Adhiratha Nandana and his wife Radha, he is shown to have incredible skill (particularly archery, being the one of the very best in the world), generosity, and wit, but rarely garners respect from peers due to his low caste. During a tournament, he becomes loyal to Duryodhana after he makes him king of Anga to have an archery match against his half brother Arjuna. Later, during the Kurukshetra War, he dies by an arrow shot by Arjuna.


  • His hairstyle was inspired by Shadow the Hedgehog (hey nobody else can edit this, it's canon). This was not only to signify a bit of a darker nature, but because arguably the most know portrayal of Karna in Japan famously shares a voice actor with Shadow the Hedgehog in Japanese versions of Sonic the Hedgehog related media (Koji Yusa).
    • Coincidentally, Koji Yusa is also the voice actor for Shutendouji/Haruya Sakami in Shadowside related media.
  • Originally, his facial hair was a lot less noticeable, but it was made much more clearer to signify his age.
  • He was the first of the Sacred King's Armroy Kenbumajin to be designed and appear within the work, and was a process of getting it on the first try but also some difficulties.
    • Hardest parts were easily figuring out a balance between reds/blacks/golds to not invoke too much of aformentioned "arguably most wellknown Karna in Japan" coughcoughwinkwink.