Goku Kyubi

Goku Kyubi


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First Apperance
Chapter 3 - Mr. Trouble Maker (Technical First Apperance)
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Rie Kugimiya

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"A powerful sorcerer kitsune serving in the 100 Demons Army. If Goku Hyakki-hime is the queen, then Goku Kyubi is the bishop. She likes to be referred to as a god, calling her anything less than "Her Godliness" will result in a wicked hex you don't ever want to think about!"

Goku Kyubi (極キュウビ) is a Mononoke tribe Youkai first appearing in Chapter 3 of Beyond Light and Shadow. Like Goku Hyakki-hime, she is unrelated to the canonical Goku Youkai lead by Rinne in canon.

Personality and Abilities

So far she is shown to be rahter eccentric and even slightly flirty. She refers to herself to a goddess, not tolerating those who see her as anything less than divine.

While it hasn't been shown yet, she is a master of various powerful hexes and curses. She tends to use these curses on just about anyone that managed to tick her off slightly.



Goku Hyakki-hime

While she views herself as a powerful goddess, she is ever loyal to her queen. Though if she harbors genuine respect or is just trying to get something out of the hundred demons queen is unknown, and doesn't like to get into specifics.


Like all variants of Kyubi in canon, she is based on kyubi-no-kitsune and similar fox spirits in Japanese folklore.


  • Unlike Kyubi and similar variants, Goku Kyubi is explicitly female.
  • Her design (and tendancy to refer to herself as a god) was inspired by Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm from the 2016 Tokusatsu Series Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
  • Originally she wasn't in the original drafts, but was added to give more of a corny, bombastic antagonist to contrast with the more serious natures of Goku Hyakki-hime and Chiharu.