This page contains SPOILERS for Chapter 5 and beyond. They are unmarked, so read at your own discretion if you have not caught up yet!

Goku Hyakki-hime

Goku Hyakki-Hime


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Chapter 1 - Red Moon
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Yu Asakawa

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"The Queen of a Hundred Demons, she is bewitching but never expresses a single emotion. Her knowledge on wicked forms of dark magic are unparalleled, and seems to always be one step ahead.

Yet, her name is but a mere title. She as many secrets as there are demons under her wicked command. To revive the King of A Hundered Demons is her greatest goal."

Goku Hyakki-hime (極百鬼姫) is a Drain Attribute Youkai of a (currnelty) unknown tribe first appearing in Chapter 1 of Beyond Light and Shadow. Despite her name, she is completely unrelated to the canonical Goku Youkai lead by Rinne in canon materials, as the name "Goku Hyakki-hime" is merely an alias.

She serves as the overarching main antagonist in Beyond Light and Shadow, being the leader of the One Hundred Demons Army and is attempting to revive her brother, The King of One Hundred Demons.

In Chapter 5, her name is revealed to be Dushala (ドゥシャラ), her true full title being One Hundred Demon Queen Dushala (百鬼女王 ドゥシャラ). Her tribe is still unknown.

Personality and Abilities

Much like her less extreme counterpart, she feels absolutely nothing emotionally, despite sometimes a desire to want to express. This makes her come off as cold and calcuating, which she tends to resign herself to feeling.

Her powers are great enough to command the respect of several underlings. She is also skilled in crafting physical goods as seen with the Youkai Watch Tenou being repourpoused from an old magic mirror.




Chiharu Shimamura

She bestows him the Youkai Watch Tenou, allowing him not only incredible summoning capabilities, but also to have a heart that functioned enough to allow him to live a mostly normal life. How she actually feels about the child, however, is rather indifferent (much like everything to her and lack of emotions), but appreciates the loyalty of such a powerful knight.

Goku Kyubi

If she was allowed to feel anything, she'd find her yapping about being a god quite annoying. However, the hexes the fox has more than makes up for it and at least is capable of keeping things intresting.

Solar Flare Kenbumajin

It appears she had kept his Youseiken for quite sometime. Why or how she obtained such a powerful artifact is unknown, but she has a great amount of respect for him all things considered.

King of One Hundred Demons

She's rather intent on reviving this figure. According to her, the King of One Hundred Demons is her brother.


Much like her non extreme counterpart, Goku Hyakki-hime is based on word play, her full title roughly translating to "Extreme Hundred Demon Princess".

Dushala (दुश्शला) is a character from the Hindu epic The Mahabharata. She is the sole princess among the one hundred Kaurava princes, and was doted on by her family, especially her mother and eldest brother.


  • Alongside Goku Kyubi, she was intended for another project, but was later put into Beyond Light and Shadow as some elements generally worked better with Shadowside's vibes.
    • Though her identity was always intended to be Dushala from the start. This is because "Hyakki-hime" translates to "One Hundred Demon Princess", and the Kaurava's birth is described as all hell breaking loose and are portrayed as more morally cruel than the Pandavas. Basically a title of a pre-existing yokai is used to foreshadow by way of puns and wordplay.
  • While her title is queen, it's more for the purpouse of demonstrating power. She is not married to her brother (nor do I endorse it, incest is gross).