Chiharu Shimamura

Chiharu Shimamura


Youkai Watch Tenou, Golden Sunlight Panoply Youseiken.
First Apperance
Chapter 1 - Red Moon
Voice Claim

Nobunaga Shimazaki

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Chiharu Shimamura (島村チハル) is a Watcher first appearing in Beyond Light and Shadow. Prior to the events of Beyond Light and Shadow, his body was posessed by Shutendouji to pass off as a human as part of a deal to live. Now, he's equipped the Youkai Watch Tenou after being given it by Goku Hyakki-hime, faithfully serving her.

Personality and Abilities

A bit cold, a bit arrogant, full of vengance. He's the edgelord we all know and fear from stories of yore. He tends to be pretty distant and cold, no doubt due to everything going pretty wrong for him.

Abilities are very much under construction, but he has Genma, he has a Youseiken. You shouldn't mess with him.




  • His voice claim (Nobunaga Shimazaki) is intentionally different than Haruya/Shutendouji's (Koji Yusa) to signify that he's a different individual despite his body being used for the Haruya alias during the events of the Shadowside anime.
  • Shimamura was chosen as his last name because of the manga and anime series Cyborg 009, the titular 009 being named Joe Shimamura. Also on a technical level they're both cyborgs