Nagekimori / Gekidoman

Nagekimori / Gekidoman

嘆キモリ / 激怒魔ン

Favorite Food
First Apperance
Chapter 4 - Vampire

"This little bat Youkai wanders around graveyards sadly, shedding tears for those who rest here and beyond. Goodness, just about anything can make this shy youkai cry into tears or make a squeak in terror."

"Something in his heart snapped, what was once a mere crybaby is now an unstoppable force of vengeance and rage. If you don’t want to become a part of the graveyard it protects, you best run for your life if he sees you."

Nagekimori (嘆キモリ), is a Wind Attribute yokai of the Onnen tribe.
His Shadowside form is known as Gekidoman (激怒魔ン).

Personality and Abilities

As Nagekimori, he is very skiddish and nervous, always prone to apologizing and being spooked by anything ever so slightly sudden. He even gets scared by his own reflection easily.

Gekidoman on the other hand is boisterious and aggressive, capable of inflicting serious amounts of fear into anyone he comes across. Combat wise, he's a fast flier and capable of powerful chops, punches, and kicks at high speeds.


He was a humble guardian spirit at Tenkuji Cemetary, but due to his weak nature wasn't able to keep troublemakrers out very easily. Then he was approached by somebody that would give him the power to fight back. This resulted in him getting a Shadowside through a Dark Arc, which while powerful, was uncontrollable, and to the point of leaving people terrified with nightmares. Saito was one of these victims, and his twin brother Akira took to Urusranura to report the incident to hopefully put a stop to it.

Eventually, Nagekimori's rage is quelled and vows to use his Shadowside form for good from now on, now that his heart is no longer sealed by the binding spell of the Dark Arc.


Both the lightside and shadowside forms are based on bats, in particular Vampire Bats, as well as the 1972 manga and anime Devilman by Go Nagai. Nagekimori being inspired by to the shy, gentle Akira Fudo from the start of the story and Gekidoman being more based on the powerful and violent Devilman.


  • He was a yokai added later in story development as a hard hitting standard yokai that doesn't refrence/promote a kind of fascist anime. Also, bats! Bats are cute and cool!
  • His lightside form is a pun on the words to cry and for bat, refrencing the most recent incarnation of the Devilman franchise, Devilman Crybaby, from 2018.