Moriko / Tatarimokke

もりこ / たたりもっけ

Favorite Food
First Apperance
Chapter 5

"This sweet and small owlet would and could never hurt a fly in this form. Her curiosity is both her greatest strength and greatest crime, making her father worry and panic quite a bit. Even if he's a worrywart about her, she loves her very much."

"With shrill shrieks that make even the most unhinged of barn owls sound like the sweetest songbirds, this ominous owl wanders and gets into fights and holds grudges. Why or how seems to be rather indecisive and even contradictory. "

Tatarimokke (たたりもっけ), is a Drain Attribute yokai of the Uwanosora tribe. Her lightside form is Moriko (もりこ). She is the young (about 2 and a half years old in human years) daughter of Fukurou.

Personality and Abilities





Tatarimokke are a classical youkai, being the spirits of dead children who posess the bodies of or are transformed into owls. Depending on the telling, they can either be benevolent who bring good luck to a family who recently lost their child, or hostile and vengeful if the child was killed at the hands of their parents for a number of reasons.

"Moriko" is a girl's name meaning "forest child", and was the closest name that sounded as close to "Tatarimokke" while sounding cute.


  • She was planned to show up later, but difficulties with the design and yokai originally planned had her debut moved sooner.
  • The kimono (and hifu coat) she wears is based on those worn at the Shichi-Go-San, a rite of passage and festival for 3 and 7 year old girls and 5 year old boys.