Favorite Food
Meat (excluding any beef)
First Apperance
Voice Claim


Blade Color

Tornado Sky Green

"A Sacred King's Armroy Kenbumajin drawn to hearts who show trust in others and one's self, he is one of the most physically strong yokai to have ever existed. Not even the strongest winds are able to knock him down or his strength on par with 10,000 elephants. The strongest muscle in his body is, and shall forever always be his heart, showing great affection and kindness for his loved ones."

Bhima (ビーマ), is a Wind Attribute Sacred King's Armoy Kenbumajin first appearing in Beyond Light and Shadow. He is the second oldest of the brothers that makes up the majority of Sacred King's Armory Kenbumajin.

His Youseiken is refrered to as the Grand Hurricane Gada.

Personality and Abilities

From what can be gleamed, he can keep a cool head most of the time, but can sometimes get a little competitive and enjoys showing off every now and again. However, there is one he tends to freeze up and refuse to fight.

His abilities include near flawless archery skills, able to shoot targets from a long distance or in awkward positions no problem. This is at the cost of close range combat being much, much worse by comparison, and fairly average defenses overall.






Bhima (अर्जुन) is one of the central characters in the Hindu epic "The Mahabharata". Second eldest of the Pandava brothers and son of the wind god Vayu, he is easily the most physically strong, able to snap rakshasas in half like they were mere twigs with immense strength. Kind and loving towards his brothers and parents, but rather crass and cruel towards his cousins, especially with Duryodhana.


  • Designwise, he takes inspiration from the green-ish coloration of the sky when a tornado is present, and profeshional wrestlers in India.
    • Another key inspiration was Kintaros from the 2007 Tokusatsu series Kamen Rider Den-O. The green highlight is refrencing how when Kintaros and other Imagin posess the protagonist Ryotaro Nogami, he gets a colored hair extension to signify this.