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"A beautiful oni who led a village within the mountains long ago. She taught Oni and societal outcasts alike knowledge of the world, as well as the art of combat if they promised to learn history and arithmetic. Alas, polite human society got suspicious and burned all she had built up, but were only able to seal her away into a tree eternally in it's autumnal colors."

Momiji (紅葉) is a Fire Attribute Oni Tribe yokai first appearing in Beyond Light and Shadow. She was the leader of a village some nebulous time ago before being sealed away, and is the mother of Shutendouji.

Personality and Abilities

Considered both gentle and fierce, she was a mighty leader with great amounts of knowledge of both arithmetic and combat. Her composure is considered calm for the most part, but can be horrifying if you manage to somehow get under this oni's skin.




According to Shutendouji, she's very loving towards him, practically spoiling him rotten, but at the price of being rather overbearing and embarrassing. To the point of him often lying about being a total mama's boy to appear tougher and more intimidating, as well as to protect her from any of his foes.


Momiji is based on the titular character from The Legend of Momiji, a popular folktale for the auttum season. One version tells of a Kijo (female oni), was blessed with divine beauty and many talents, who moved to Kyoto long ago. She caught the attention of Minamoto no Tsunemoto, but was put under fire when it was rumored she was planning on killing his wife, toned down from execution to exile when it was found out she was pregnant with Tsunemoto's child. She settled into a village, being accepted by the locals to the point of being feared by outsiders as they were rumored to be bandits. Taira no Koremochi was sent to deal with the bandits, and with the Demon Conquering Spirit Sword, finally slain Momiji.


  • Originally, Momiji was going to be much different, a male oni named Ibuki Douji, but was changed as the Legend of Momiji proved to be incredibly intresting source material for a youkai, as well as providing a contrast with Shutendouji's loose spring related motifs.