Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots


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Special Chapter - Blades of Camelot and the Savior Messiah
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"A feisty Faerie who prides himself on being able to handle horrible foes without the use of a Shadowside form of any kind. His bag contains trinkets from across Europe, as well as a few tricks. More than anything, he wants to duel against a king heard far and wide in song and story."

Puss in Boots (プス・イン・ブーツ) is a Wind attribute Faerie of the Goriki Tribe, set to debut in the Special Chapter Blades of Camelot and the Savior Messiah". He is considered the main "nyan" of the Faeries, as well as the special chapter.

Personality and Abilities

Proud and boastful are the first two words to describe this yokai, not afraid to tell you about how he rode alongside Don Quixote in Spain or fended off the wicked Bokkenrijders in The Netherlands, all with only his sword and his wits to back him up, no Shadowside form needed. He's a well traveled yokai, full of knowledge, but isn't one to dispense it so easily, as alongside being proud, he's quite cunning. Though, he's never one to turn down a fight, especially from a worthy opponet.




Puss in Boots is the name of the titular character from the Italian and French fairytale of the same name. It recounts the story of a cat faerie who helps a penniless boy win the hand of a princess in marrige through cunning wit and deception of more foolish enemies. The story, and the iconography of Puss in Boots, is widely known and celebrated across not only Europe, but the world at large as well.


  • He is considered the "European" counterpart to not only Jibanyan, but also moreso a counterpart to Fuyunyan (Cape, only appearing in special events, etc)
  • Designwise, he draws upon inspiration from the Dreamworks version seen in the Shrek franchise, but also the version of the character seen in the 2016-2017 Dutch Musical, De Gelaarsde Kat.
    • His first design drafts came about when listening to Fearless Hero from the Puss in Boots the Last Wish soundtrack (after a 3rd rewatch of the movie, go watch it, it's so good).
  • He's meant to resemble both a tabby and a maine coon cat in terms of real world species.