Sooooo through some unconventional means (read: being an EPIC HACKER!!!!) I have found a database of some rather recent youkai sightings! >:D

Of course my sick hacks take a while to upload and be implemented, and the system I have right now isn't exactly pretty but like a guy named Todd I knew, it just works.

Oh and these are hacks straight from the source so some layout things may change here and there. And if you're super nosy you can find hidden pages yourself!

Here's the link to the supercool database! Learn all of the Youkai that have been sighted there!!

[OOC: These pages were originally part of a site I was working on that was a generic character database, but I felt making this site would be a better home to host. I'm too lazy to re-customize a bunch of CSS for a bunch of pages, but it's a good way to indicate that the pages are from a third person prespective like a wiki. More pages will be added in the future, and design notes and other tidbits are canon to Beyond Light and Shadow.]