So sometimes I get a lot of questions and there's a need to answer them, so I'm going to do that >:3

Q: Who even are you?
A: I like to keep that a secret, but just know I'm a very cool 40 something woman.

Q: No but actually who runs this site!?
a: [OOC: Breaking character to say I made it! I'm the author of Beyond Light and Shadow on Ao3, and this started as a simple character database of all the new youkai I made but quickly became a sort of in-universe extension where I may post sort of in universe updates. Also it went the direction it did because I like writing adult Inaho (Though she isn't all that different from my regular typing to be honest...), but wasn't sure how much of the main plot she would be involved in as she's more of a supporting character.]
[OOC: Any questions sent to the curiouscat link in the submit form will be answered in character, but my tumblr askbox is where you can send asks to me (the author).]

Q: Why are all the dates weird? Do they mean anything?

[OOC: It's because according to Yo-Kai Watch 4, the Shadowside era is 2040. Beyond Light and Shadow takes place 2 years later, hence why it's 2040. On the sightings posts, the posted date is when the chapter takes place in universe whereas the edited on date is for when the chapter was actually posted.

Q: Is this some kind of ARG? Why make a site in the first place?

[OOC: No. It's just some added fluff to a fan fiction I enjoy writing quite a bit, and something for readers to bide their time with as I work on chapter updates. Plus HTML and CSS coding is a hobby of mine.]