Bellow are posts, they are updated every now and again, so keep checking back for more scary reports!

Though, while a bit unconventional, there is a place you can get more live updates from...

Weird Mirror, Weird Bird!? Sacré Bleu! From: Ayame (April 5th)

I've been studying abroad in France and ended up back home by going through a weird mirror in one of my teacher's classrooms! I don't know much about the story behind it, but it was round with a purple frame, and the glass looked strangely dark. Something about it wasn't normal, I think! How scary...

Aussi, il y avait cet oiseau étrange. Il n'arrêtait pas de rire et de rire! H-Hey! Pourquoi les mots sur l'écran de mon téléphone changent!?

Horrific Creature in the Cemetery... From: Akira (April 4th, 2042, Edited on May 7th)

I've been hearing from classmates and even my brother about a giant, horrific beast that wanders the cemeteries at night...It's large wings soar, it's ears can hear all the way into hell, it's eyes can see all...
Only a pure arrow can defeat such a beast, at least that's what my dreams tell me. I am currently looking for someone who can help excise this wicked demon so that those resting can rest peacefully. I will be at the Tenkuji Cemetary at 10:00 pm tonight.


Bow with Magical Properties? From: admin (March 24th, 2042, edited on April 13th)

Hihi, I'm the admin! Recently I've been getting a post or two about this bow on display at the Wondrous Weapons traveling exhibit that's now at the Sakugari Hills Metropolitan Museum of Natural Science and History! The exhibitors claim it was found in a river unscathed and without a hint of rust, and it might've had celestial ties of epic proportions. But there's no ancient curses or great evils that come from it, so I'm not sure if it's worth posting about. The Cursed Mirror, a permanent part of the museum and hasn't been on display in 30 years, is a much more interesting artifact in my eyes! But it's there if you want to check it out...


Typhoons? In March? From: Shirogane (March 16th, 2042, edited on March 23rd)

I am here on behalf of my professors to give an emergency report that there has been a spike of typhoon level rainstorms within the southern parts of Sakura Motomachi. It is best advised to seek shelter immediately as the Meteorology Team at the Katsuragi University of Science continues to investigate this matter and report on updates.


A Solar Flare in the Forest! From: Whisper (March 9th, 2042, edited on March 14th)

I have emailed the administrator of this website personally pictures but there was quite a frightful youkai I had the misfortune of running into alongside the children I extend my butler duties to. I wasn't able to quite capture everything but it seems we were just barely able to make it out from a dangerously powerful youkai! We saw him in the woods in the Kasumidai area so be careful!

Edit: From what I have been told, it seems that youkai might have something to do with "The Sacred King's Armory", a whole other class of youkai all together that are said to be the very first members of the Enma Clan!