Hundred Demon Army

The Hundred Demon Army (百鬼軍隊) is a group of villanous yokai introduced in Beyond Light and Shadow, who seek to make humanity go extinct for the sake of having yokai reach their "full potential" that "humans hold back constantly". It is comprised of participaints as far back as The Great Throne Wars as well as several new members that have joined over time.

Currently, they are lead by Goku Hyakki-hime with goals to revive their original leader and Goku Hyakki-hime's older brother, The King of a Hundred Demons, in order to enact their plan to the fullest potential.


From what can be gathered, their involvement started around the Great Throne Wars some millenniums ago, the King of a Hundred Demons being one of the ones after the throne of the yokai world, with a distinct hatred of humanity (who had slowly gotten more involved with yokai). Their opposition, a group of yokai brothers that would eventually become the Sacred King's Armory Kenbumajin, defeated the army with the help of some human and yokai allies, and founded the Enma clan to rule over the yokai world fairly and justly. It is presumed they were sealed away after their defeat.

Many eons later, the demon army would emerge once more. This time, with many allies across the yokai world that had sprung up in the past two thousand years or so (including but not limited to: The Clamaity General Kernbumajin, The Dragon of Drought Vritra, Sutoku Tenou, and many, many more). This lead to the Tragic Finale Incident, where it took everything the trio of watchers of the time (Keita, Fumika, and Inaho), to merely seal away the wicked king of the army, inclduing sacrificing any summoning capaiblities, medals aquired over a near decade, and Keita's memories of yokai all together. It was believed that they would not strike again within their lifetime, as the curse entailed that the army would ressurect only when a deceased human was cloned perfectly.

Over 20 years later, the army has ressurected once again, meaning the seal on them had been broken. Fortunately it seems only Goku Hyakki-hime is the current surviving member, Goku Kyubi and others having joined sometime after her reawakening.

Aside from their king having enough charisma to sway pretty powerful evil to their side, they are resblonible for making Dark Arcs, later refered to as Maverick Arcs (マーベリックアーク), corrupted versions of Yokai Arcs that give a boost in power, but limits them to their Shadowside form and represses any positive memories and emotions. The effects can be reversed by way of defeating the affected yokai through battle, though tougher seals may require more strategic options.



"King of One Hundred Demons"
(Leader, status unknown)
"Goku Hyakki-hime"
(Second in Command, currently leading in her brother's place for the time being)


Goku Kyubi
Chiharu Shimamura
(Field Agent)
"Solar Flare Kenbumajin"
(Contracted to Chiharu)


(Defected, Freed)
(Defected, Freed)
(Defected, Freed)
"Rakshasa with more teeth than any creature should have"
(Mentioned in Chapter 2, small apperance in Chapter 4)